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Manage your MSP clients or Enterprise Azure tenants in a single application.

EcpPro Services

Multi Tenant

Manage multiple tenants from a single login. EcpPro user accounts can be configured to access:

A single Tenant
A group of Tenants
All Tenants under a customer

Quick access to relevant information

User list is customizable and allows to filter based on:

Licenses allocated
Login disabled
Office location
Ecp Security roles
Azure roles
Authorization level
Date created and more.


The EcpPro pricing plans are tailored to suit any size MSP or Enterprise.

EcpPro pays for itself through increased efficiency and time saving.


Dashboard to review current security status across multiple tenants.


Automate tedious tasks like on-boarding and off-boarding. Save time and money.

License Management

View used and unused Microsoft licenses quickly.

Deactivate unused licenses easily.



Specify mandatory user fields per tenant, Employee ID for example

Custom fields fully supported through ExtensionAttribute_x for example. These field are often needed for legacy application or other automation tasks

Some fields can be renamed to suit the organization, for example Notes can be renamed to Working Hours to better reflect what information should be entered into the field

Scheduled actions

Service teams often receive action items need to be performed in the future, like redirect person A’s email to Person B, from Friday onwards and stop forwarding in two weeks

Automatically disable a user account and start the off-boarding process at 5 pm on Friday

These types of actions can be scheduled to happen automatically at a specified date and time using the EcpPro control panel

Tenant Groups

Customers can create Tenant groups and delegate access rights to just one tenant group if required.

This allows:

Large MSP’s to restrict support staff to access to just one set or tenants

Delegate access to resellers

Enterprises to manage multiple Tenants.

Tenants can be moved between Tenant groups with ease

Workflows and Automation

Organizations typically follow a workflow of several items when on-boarding or off-boarding users.

With EcpPro, it is possible to customize the workflow to add several action items. For example:

Automatic Tasks: Send a welcome email to new employees

Manual Tasks: Confirm if the equipment has been ordered & allocated

API Task: Use custom developed modules to interact with 3rd party applications

Coming features

EcpPro is actively being developed and will include features like:

Monthly usage report generation for business units

Support for multiple cost centres for the above reports

Integration with Xero - Enterprise version