EcpPro is an application to Manage, Monitor, Cost optimise and Secure all of your Entra ID and Azure Tenants from a single portal

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Unleash the Power of Efficiency:
EcpPro Transforms Your Azure Management Experience!

  • One-Click Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Customise with Flexibility
  • Automate and Relax
  • Smart Cost Management
  • Unified Security at Your Fingertips
  • Endless Possibilities

Take advantage of the 10 Tenant introductory offer.

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Efficiency through a Single Pane of Glass.

By consolidating various functions, EcpPro significantly reduces the need for service desk personnel to juggle multiple websites and applications, leading to fewer mistakes and quicker issue resolution.

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EcpPro - Where Simplicity Meets Sophistication in Azure Management

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Elevate Your MSP Service Desk with EcpPro:
Efficient, Effective, Empowering.

Discover a more streamlined way to enhance your operational efficiency with EcpPro. Designed specifically for MSPs, EcpPro is a thoughtful blend of functionality and simplicity, helping you deliver better service to clients while also boosting your profitability.

With EcpPro, experience a noticeable reduction in ticket resolution times through smart automation. Delegate routine tasks to end-user admins, freeing up your team's time for more critical projects. This balanced approach not only empowers your clients but also optimises your workflow.

Gain a clear, aggregated view across multiple tenants. EcpPro makes managing security, licenses, and user activity straightforward and transparent. It’s about having the right information at your fingertips, enabling better decision-making.

EcpPro also aids in reducing licensing costs and Azure consumption. By providing detailed cost analysis and highlighting areas of license underutilization, EcpPro guides you towards more economical and efficient resource management.

Interested in how EcpPro can streamline your business processes? Reach out to us for more information or to schedule a demo. Let EcpPro be the catalyst for your business’s growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

EcpPro Features

Elevate Service Excellence:
EcpPro's Swift Support with Quicker Resolution Times


Cost Efficiency:
Save Up to 30%: EcpPro's Path to Cost-Effective Support costs


Safely Empower Your Customers:
EcpPro's Self-Service Model for Enhanced Autonomy and Cost Savings

Spend Nothing

Automate for Efficiency:
Schedulable Actions,Including Auto-Disabling User Accounts, for Streamlined Account Management


Unified Security Oversight:
EcpPro's Dashboard for Simplified Tenant Management


Risk Alert in a Glance:
EcpPro's Comprehensive Login Review for All Tenants


Seamless Onboarding Cloud
and On-Prem users:
EcpPro's Flexible User Integration


Tailored Tenant Interfaces:
EcpPro’s Customisable Views for Client-Centric Service

No Servers

Zero Maintenance, Full Hosting:
EcpPro's Hassle-Free, Fully Managed Solution


Localised Hosting Flexibility:
Choose Your Region with EcpPro’s Global Reach


Experience the Freedom:
EcpPro Offers No Lock-In Contracts and a 'Try Before You Pay' Option for Unparalleled MSP Flexibility


Rapid Deployment:
EcpPro’s Quick-Start Setup, Operational in Under 5 Minutes

How Does EcpPro Work With
Service Desk Management Software?
EcpPro enhances, not replaces, your current Service Desk Management tools like ServiceNow, ZenDesk, or Jira Service Management. It serves as a central hub for efficient ticket execution and resolution, boosting your service desk's productivity.
Our platform focuses on automating multi-tenant Azure environment management, reducing human error, and streamlining operations.
With EcpPro, you gain a supportive ally that works in harmony with your existing service desk tools, ensuring a smoother, more effective management of IT services.
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ConnectWise PSA integration
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Xero billing integration
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