EcpPro is an application to Manage, Monitor, Cost optimise and Secure all of your Entra ID and Azure Tenants from a single portal

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Optimizing License Management with EcpPro's Dashboard

A feature frequently requested by our client base is enhanced efficiency in license management. EcpPro has responded by developing a solution that streamlines the way MSPs handle Microsoft license procurement and tracking.

Unified Dashboard for License Tracking:
The EcpPro system introduces a unified dashboard allowing MSPs to monitor all client licenses in one place. This dashboard displays both assigned and unassigned licenses, enabling the MSP to reallocate existing licenses before purchasing new ones, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Automated Purchasing and Update Process:
The system facilitates service desk staff to initiate the license purchasing workflow. Should the action exceed their authorization level, it prompts a management approval process. Once approved, the transaction can be synchronized across both the ticketing and accounting platforms, maintaining consistent and accurate data. A particularly popular feature is the EcpPro portal, which empowers MSP clients with the autonomy to purchase licenses themselves. This self-service option enhances the clients' experience, providing them with direct control over their licensing needs while still under the oversight of the MSP.

Direct and Distributor Purchase Integration:
EcpPro supports license purchases made either directly* or through a distributor, integrating these into the MSP's workflow. The system adapts to the MSP's existing procurement processes, providing flexibility and control over license management.

PSA and ERP System Compatibility:
EcpPro is compatible with common Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This compatibility ensures that the billing information is in sync with the latest licensing data, which is critical for accurate accounting.

Technical Advantages:
By using EcpPro, MSPs can ensure that licenses are efficiently utilized and accounted for, which can save money and reduce waste. This practical approach to license management can also help build trust with clients by demonstrating an MSP's commitment to responsible resource management.

EcpPro provides MSPs with a technical solution that simplifies Microsoft license management. The integrated dashboard, automated purchasing approvals, and compatibility with PSA and ERP systems make EcpPro a practical tool for MSPs focused on improving their service delivery and operational efficiency.