Manage your MSP clients or Enterprise Azure tenants in a single application.

EcpPro Feature Comparison

Feature Business Premium Enterprise

Tenant Level Features
Compliance Dashboard

  - MFA Status and recommendations

  - License usage and recommendations to minimise cost

  - Recent activity (last 30 days on and off boardings)

  - Recommended actions to improve compliance

Security Dashboard

  - Security score summary and per category (Identity, Apps, Data and Devices)

  - Security score history and industry and size comparison

  - Recommended actions to take, to improve security

Security Dashboard
Customisable user list
Enhanced user list to show MFA Status, Mailbox, Licenses, Cost Centre, etc.
Undelete users for up to 30 days (Cloud only)
Contact Management
Cloud group management
OnPrem group management
Group membership management
OnPrem group membership management
License assign/un-assignment
Easy to use interface to on-board, off-board users

  - Onboard cloud users

  - Onboard OnPrem users

  - On-board with tenant default groups and licenses

  - On-board by copying a template or existing user

  - On-board using a one of the customised workflows*

Customisable onboarding process

  - What info is required for on-boarding, like Employee ID, Manager and more

  - Renamable fields to support working days/hours, multiple mobiles and more

  - Customisable UPN defaults. E.g. F.L, F1L @domain.com

  - Customisable mail nickname format. E.g. F.L, F1L @domain.com

Customisable offboarding process

  - Schedulable offboarding steps. E.g. Disable login, remove licenses, etc.

  - Use customisable workflow for off-boarding actions*

Schedulable action items

  - Enable/disable logins at a scheduled date and time

  - Forward/cancel email forward at a scheduled date and time

  - Apply/remove licenses at a scheduled date and time

  - Add/remove group memberships at a scheduled date and time

Email signature management

  - Email signature injected via Exchange transport*

  - Email signature injected using outlook add-on and Exchange transport rule*

Azure Virtual Desktop user session management

  - View and report on sessions

  - Logoff, disconnect user sessions

Azure Virtual Desktop host pool management

  - Manage multiple host pools, drain, enable, last changed info

  - Multi resource group and multi geo support

Tenant reports

  - EntraID Login History (30 days retention)

  - Azure Virtual Desktop Login history (365 days retention)

  - Last Signed in report (To identify unused accounts)

  - Risky users (Requires Entra ID P2 license)

  - Risky sign ins (30 days retention)

  - Risky sign ins (365 days retention)

  - Risk detections (30 days retention)

  - Risk detections (365 days retention)

  - Detailed audit log (retention 30 days)

Office locations
Cost Centre Management
Granular access control

  - Ability to grant users limited admin access specific EcpPro features

  - Ability to assign the above rights as list, read, update, create or delete

Multi Tenant Features
Multi tenant management from a single user account 10 Tenant Max Unlimited Tenants Unlimited Tenants
Ability to create tenant groups and give users to access to only tenants inside this group
Set defaults based on tenant groups, like default country, UPN format, email format and more
Aggregated reports for all tenants in the group

  - Risky users (Requires Entra ID P2 license)

  - Risky sign ins (30 days retention)

  - Risky sign ins (365 days retention)

  - Risk detections (30 days retention)

  - Risk detections (365 days retention)

Aggregated reports of the above for all tenants across all tenant groups
Ability to assign admin access to one or multiple tenant groups

MSP Specific Features

  - Unallocated license summary and history across all tenants

  - User and shared mailbox license information across all tenants

  - MFA Adoption compliance for all accounts across all tenants

  - Inactive user accounts summary and history across all tenants

  - Aggregated security score overview across all tenant groups and tenants

Client portal

  - MSP can give customer access to a single tenant with granular access control

  - MSP can give customer access to a tenant group using a single account

Access to multiple Partner Centre portal reports form a single instance

  - Microsoft invoice aggregation from multiple Partner portals

Cost analysis*

  - Categorise MS SKU's into MPS specific categories to suit financial reporting

  - Group tenants to suit business unit for business reporting

  - Azure and Licensing cost analysis per tenant, group and product category

  - Cost history graph per tenant and category

  - Direct licensing purchase via ECP for Tier 1 MSPs (staff)*

  - Client self service portal for licensing purchase*

Billing module*

  - Contracts with custom and auto billing items*

  - Auto bill for Office licenses*

  - Flexible rules for auto billing items. E.g. Group memberships, VM Type, etc. *

Billing integration*

  - Billing to Xero integration*

  - Billing to ConnectWise integration*

*Upcoming features