EcpPro is an application to Manage, Monitor, Cost optimise and Secure all of your Entra ID and Azure Tenants from a single portal

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  • Sales: sales @ ecppro.com
  • Support: support @ ecppro.com

Hello, EcpPro Community!

For those who've joined our demos or heard us speak, you already know how dedicated we are to building the EcpPro community. Created by seasoned MSP owners who understand the challenges faced by fellow MSPs, EcpPro continues to evolve thanks to the incredible input we receive from each of you.

Every month, we grow not only in staff but also in the number of MSPs who choose EcpPro, which we're genuinely grateful for. Your suggestions—whether big or small—help us refine the platform to make daily operations more efficient and manageable for everyone. Together, we're building something truly special.

A special shout-out goes to Dicker for their commitment to helping partners easily and securely manage billing, license purchases, and Azure consumption. Their support ensures EcpPro remains the central source of truth for your business.

We're also thrilled to share that three new modules are currently in development and will soon be included in the base price of EcpPro:

1. ConnectWise Billing Integration: Automatically update ConnectWise agreements with accurate license counts.
2. Automated Policy Management: Streamline policy management at the MSP, Tenant Group, or Tenant level, making tenant policies like Conditional Access and Intune a breeze.
3. Workflow Management: Combine EcpPro Action Items into custom workflows that simplify onboarding and offboarding processes.

A strong service desk is vital to every MSP's success. However, finding skilled staff for these desks is often challenging due to rising costs and high turnover rates, particularly after training. One of our clients recently shared how EcpPro made a significant difference for them:

Their service desk was struggling with high turnover, affecting both costs and customer satisfaction. After implementing EcpPro, they noticed a marked improvement in efficiency. The intuitive interface enabled them to hire staff who, while not highly technical, were customer-focused and passionate about tech. The result? Increased job satisfaction and retention, a stabilized workforce, and reduced training costs. This is just one of many success stories, and we can't wait to share more!

If you haven't yet experienced EcpPro in action or are still on the fence, we're excited to share more real-world examples to help you decide.

And a final note to all Dicker clients:
Take advantage of Foundation Pricing through to the end of June!